Thursday, November 27, 2008

Fabulous Flowers

I have never really been a jewelery gal. Recently, however, I have been feeling a bit frumpy and have been looking for ways to spice up my wardrobe..... something to help me "stick out" in a room. Something other than my loud mouth that is.

Here is what I came up with with some help from some blog hopping.


Fabulous Flower Brooches

Some leftover fabric from the nursery I designed when my youngest was born. Some old buttons and a lot of cutting and sewing and voila!

Toile Brooch #8 - SOLD

This is my fave.....





I am making some more funky coloured ones now.... but I really do love the antiqued, gothy kind of feel with the beige and black toile... it's a Waverly Print called Tiny Toile. I loved it in my son's nursery and I am so glad I get to upcycle the leftovers..... they make me smile when I look at them.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Gifts and Such

I always get bit by the crafting bug around the holidays.....

Now that my children are older and it is actually safe to bring out a glue gun I find myself crafting more and more.
I like to make things for my home and also to give away as gifts. I love giving handmade gifts.... I am trying to eliminate the big box retail aspect of Christmas entirely.

In the past, I have even sold some of my creations and I plan to do so again on Etsy.
I like finding ideas on the internet and then expanding them, changing them or using them as a springboard for new ideas to make them my own.

Here are just a few of the items that I have been making over the last few weeks.

Acorns, Set of 15

Classic Acorns

I absolutely love these! They are fun to make and keep my hands busy while watching a movie or futsal practice.
I make these using left over yarn from other projects and the acorn tops are courtesy of Mother Nature. Each acorn is custom made to fit it's acorn cap so there are definitely no two alike!
Some of them have scented centers... cinnamon, cloves and ginger for the winter season makes the home smell warm, cozy and inviting!
If you are sensitive to smells, the unscented ones are just as cozy to look at on a nice display or scattered about your home.
I added some to my entry garland using a hot glue gun...... I love the hint of cinnamon as I walk by.

Sage Green Acorn
Winter White AcornOrange AcornRustic Red AcornEarthy Mix Acorn

These are the colors I have available right now..... trying to use up all of my leftover yarn... will have new color schemes when I start some new projects.

Another of my new addictions are these sweet little mini pies.....

Miniature PIes, Set of 6
How cute do they look displayed on this Espresso Saucer?

There's ....

Mixed Berry Pie Top
Mixed Berry

Chocolate Pie Side
Chocolate Creme

Pumpkin Pie Side

Key Lime

Bumbleberry Pie Side

and last but not least.....

Cherry Pie

Don't they look yummy?

These would be great for Barbie to add to her kitchen. Add a magnet to the back and use them on your fridge or white board.

I hope to have these all up on Etsy soon.... if you cannot wait until then, please leave me a comment with your email and I will contact you.

Friday, November 7, 2008